Adangamaru Movie Review


Adangamaru is a new movie that has been directed by debutante Karthik Thangavel, who had earlier worked with Director Saran. The movie star-casts Jayam Ravi and Raashi Khanna in the lead roles. Jaya Ravi is a newly recruited Sub-inspector and on duty at Chennai Anna Nagar Police Station. A young girl’s dead body is found near a tall building and Jayam Ravi is sent to the spot. Police officials confirm as it’s a suicide and Jayam Ravi retaliates that it’s a murder and not a suicide. Mime Gopi who is the Inspector and superior to Jayam Ravi, shuts his mouth commands him to obey his orders.

In spite of the orders by his superiors, Jayam Ravi initiates action to find the truth behind the death of the young girl. Jayam Ravi comes to know that there is something fishy behind the death of that girl and the same is being hushed. Jayam Ravi who collects evidences in regard to the death of the girl produces the same to Mime Gopi. In the mean time Jayam Ravi is being relieved out from the investigation team of this girl’s death.

Jayam Ravi who is not satisfied with the happening in his department, tries getting more evidences and in one point of time catches those real criminals and get them locked-up in his Police Station. The four persons who have been caught by Jayam Ravi are sons of Top officials and business giants. Joint-Commissioner Sampath Raj and parents of those arrested persons do come to the station and the four criminals are being relieved out due to the un-availability of proper evidences. Jayam Ravi is been suspended from his job.

Are the real culprits in the murder of the young girl being caught? What happens to Jayam Ravi after being suspended from his police job? Action sequences, Investigation scenes, romance of Jayam Ravi and Raashi Khanna can be watched in the remaining part of the movie.

Jayam Ravi has once again proved well in his police uniform. His police attitude and expressions make the audience engaged into the story. Raashi Khanna looks good. Sampathraj, Mime Gopi, Munishkanth and Azhagam Perumal have done justice to their acting. Though Ponvannan, Subbu Panchu, Meera Jasmine, Bob Antony and others appear only on few scenes and have also done justice to their work.

Sam C.S., music an added advantage for the movie. Sathyan Suriyan cinematography has worked a lot. Ruben as an editor of the movie has shown his perfection in his cuts. In few scenes the movie moves little slow and that could have been taken care. Stunt Siva’s stunt choreography looks illogical in few scenes. Though there are few flaws in the movie, Viji’s crispy dialogues and Karthik Thangavel’s direction has delivered an entertaining cop film.

Adangamaru is an entertainment filled cop film star-casted by Jayam Ravi and Raashi Khanna in the lead roles, directed by Karthik Thangavel and produced by Sujatha Vijaykumar on behalf of Home Movie Makers. The movie can be definitely watched with family. Do watch the movie in theatres and eradicate piracy.

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