Kanaa Movie Review


Kanaa is a movie that has been directed by debutante Arunraja Kamaraj(Neruppuda Fame of Kabali movie). Kausalya(Aishwarya Rajesh) daughter of Murugesan(Sathyaraj) is a school going child. When Kousalya was a small kid she had noticed his father Murugesan crying when India had lost in a cricket match. Murugesan’s cry had hardly punched into the heart of Kousalya which created a dream for her to become an international cricket player.

Kousalya who started to play cricket in her village only had boys to play with her and not even a single girl was interested to play cricket with her. In one point of time she comes to a conclusion where her dream might go only as a dream and not be real. Her father Murugesan and her male cricket friends where the only support and consolation for her.

Murugesan who is an agriculturist undergoes heavy loss due to draught without rain. Due to poor climatic conditions where Murugesan was not able to pay his agricultural loan to his bankers gets harassed by them to repay the loan amount. Kousalya’s mother who was literally against Kousalya playing cricket, in one point of time expresses her support in favour of her. Kousalya succeds in her preliminary attempts after experiencing many difficulties and few failures.

Did Kousalya face any more difficulties? Did she get selected into the international cricket tournament? How Murugesan faces his bankers? The answer for these questions are clearly narrated in the remaining part of the movie.

First appreciation to director Arunraja Kamaraj for explaining the difficulties suffered by agriculturists. The best part is he had adulterated medicine in honey and had served the patient. Medicine is the difficulties faced by agriculturists, Cricket plays the role of honey and audience are the patient. Director has narrated the script without any compromise, but with a nice flavour which audience would really relish. Aishwarya Rajesh had proved that she is an outstanding actress in Kaka Muttai and few more movies. As the same she has proved that she is still an outstanding actress. Her expressions make the audience to shell out their tears. Sathyaraj has done easily in his usual style of acting.

Munishkanth who appears in few scenes in the first half was able to give only a lesser entertainment to the audience. Ilavarasu who appears in the first half and second half make justice to his acting. Rama who appears as Aishwarya’s mother performs slightly artificial in few scenes.

Sivakarthikeyan who has made a cameo as a cricket coach in the movie occupies in major scenes of the second half. Siva’s appearance make the audience enthusiastic and elevates the movie on a commercial aspect.

Darshan a youngster and his friends and few other young cricket players have done justice to their acting.

Dinesh Krishna’s cinematography has given a nice shade for the movie. Editor Ruban has given his nice touch for the sculptured script directed by Arunraja Kamaraj. Dhibu Nainan Thomas music perfectly travels along with the movie from the first shot to the end. Thibu’s music has been a additional support for the movie to be sculptured with emotions and feelings.

Finally to say, Aishwarya Rajesh, Director Arunraja Kamaraj and Music Director Dhibu Nainan Thomas are the show stealers of this movie.

Kanaa is releasing worldwide on 21st December. It’s a movie that can be watched by all ages and all class of audience. Kanaa would surely educate kids to feel what real dedication is! Do watch the movie in theaters especially with your kids. Kudos to the crew of Kanaa.

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