KGF Chapter 1 Movie Review


KGF is a newly released movie that has been directed by Prashanth Neel and star casted by Yash and Shrinidhi Shetty in the lead roles. Yash as a small boy is shown in the movie, where his poor mother dies and he becomes an orphan. His mother during her death bed demands a promise from Yash, “I don’t know how you would live but when you die, the world should see you as a rich and respectable person.”!

First the readers should excuse us for a lengthy review of this movie. Good films need appreciation and hence this review has been written little lengthy and elaborate.

Parallel during the birth of Yash, KGF mines was spotted filled with gold. Young Yash moves to Bombay and becomes a notable gangster. Many action sequences are choreographed during his period in Bombay.

A person approaches Yash at Bombay and assigns him with. a deal to kill a person in KGF. Yash takes up that assignment and moves to KGF and joins the labourers in the gold mines.

KGF movie is said to have sequels in it and this movie is Chapter 1. What happens at KGF mines after Yash reaches there? Was Yash able to keep up the promise he had made to his mother? What happens after Yash and Shrinidhi Shetty meets each other? Answer to these questions and many more can be watched in the movie.

Though the movie has been shot in Kannada language and dubbed in other four languages, the movies doesn’t look like a dubbed movie. Director Prashanth Neel’s making keep the audience to watch the movie making the audience sit at the edge of the seat. It’s such a grand pan India movie released in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. Yash appearance on screen makes creates some expectations with audience especially the Kannada and Telugu.

Though it’s first Tamil movie for Yash, he gets good response from the audience accepting his screen presence. Shrinidhi looks good with easy acting. Tamanah has made a cameo appearing in an item song. Bhuvan Gowda’s cinematography is an added advantage for the movie. His camera frames, lighting and colouring elevates the movie. Ravi Basrur music especially the BGM score tempts the audience. KGR Ashok’s dialogues in Tamil keeps the movie look like a straight Tamil film and does not make the feel as a dubbed movie. Shivakumar’s art, especially the sets put up by him in Mumbai for the period 1960’s to 80’s and the KGF mines look realistic. Designers Yogi G.Raj and Sania Sardhariya to be really appreciated for recollecting and designing the costumes from 1960’s to 80’s. Editor Srikanth’s work clearly explains his real efforts put on this period movie. His cuts and joints on scenes matching parallel with that of Bombay scenes and scenes at KGF mines really doesn’t confuse the audience. It makes the audience understand with ease.

KGF Chapter 1 is a period movie that is filled with love, action, songs, dance and a script well narrated by Prashanth Neel. It’s a movie that all classes and all ages of audience would surely enjoy. Audience who watch KGF Chapter 1 would surely be tempted expecting its next chapter.

Arrival of KGF Chapter 1 would surely give Director Prashanth Neel and Yash a red-carpet welcome in languages other than Kannada too. The movie has been produced by Vijay Kiragandur and actor Vishal has released the Tamil dubbed version.

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