MGR is still the reigning emperor


Legends live beyond mortal departure. What makes them immortal is their essence of saintliness that was spread during by their action and deeds during their presence here. Evidently, Late actor and Former Chief Minister M.G.Ramachandran stand out to be an epitome of such illustration. His close associate and IAS officer during his period of Governance, Shri. Karpoora Sundarapandian has penned a book on his experience titled ‘Naan Kanda MGR’. Eminent personalities were present for the occasion that includes top celebrities like Suriya, Karthi, Veteran actress Latha, Ambika, Mayilsamy, V.G.Santhosam, A.C.Shanmugam , Idhayakani S.Vijayan, Justice. Valli Nayagam(Retd.) and many others.

V.G.Santhosham unveiled the first copy that was received by A.C.Shanmugam. Speaking on the occasion, A.C.Shanmugam said, “We as hardcore followers of Honourable MGR feel elated to see that Karpoora Sundarapandian has written a book on the legend. There are lots of things to mention about the bonding between MGR and Karpoora Sundarapandian. During his Governance as Chief Minister, Karpoora Sundarapandian was IAS and it would take late nights for him to complete the work and go back home. However, MGR would ask him to stay back and both would dine together. He would always say that the kitchen stove would never put off as it would have food prepared round the clock at the Ramapuram residence of MGR. I am so much thankful to Shri. Vijayan for making this event happen.”

Speaking on his part, Shri Karpoora Sundarapandian said, “When I thought of launching the book, I felt that someone who has so much affinity for Makkal Thilagam MGR should do it. Apparently, VG Santhosham invited me for the grand event that he organized for Makkal Thilagam in Malaysia and AC Shanmugham, who organized the huge event of centenary year celebration for MGR. I am so happy that I was felicitated during the event as well. The book is about the compiled records of some of the unknown facts about MGR that I knew personally.”

He continued to add a memorable event for instance, where he said, “During a huge event, where hundreds and thousands of fans had thronged up, Makkal Thilagam was waving hands at them. But an old lady trying to reach him from behind and she was selling buttermilk in a pot. After sometime, when he turned behind and saw her absent, his smile faded with sadness. Immediately, I asked him if I had to bring her back to him. Immediately, I went down asking the policemen out there giving them some of her identity. Within 30 minutes, she was brought back to the place. When Makkal Thilagam saw the old lady, his face sparkled with smile and he didn’t even see how much money he took from his pocket. But he gave it to her with so much love asking her to set up a shop of her own. Such unknown events are very well recorded in this book. I would even request the ones buying this book to donate the money to some poor and underprivileged people. This indeed makes the theory proved – Even after 30 years of his demise, MGR is still the reigning emperor”

He furthermore added that there are many interesting facts in that book that includes that original birth certificate of MGR. Karpoora Sundarapandian also mentioned that the funds collected through this book will be used for the well being of poor and underprivileged people.

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