Simbu accepts his mistakes, but warns Producers Council….


Actor & Cinematographer VTV Ganesh is currently producing a Tamil movie titled as ‘Sakka Poodu Poodu Raja’. The movie is being directed by debutant Sethuraman. Both Santhanam and Simbu who are close to VTV Ganesh have been roped into this movie. Santhanam plays the lead role as a hero if the film and Simbu is debuting as a music director in this movie.

It is Simbu who introduced Santhanam into the film industry in one of his films and so Santhanam always has duo-respect for Simbu. In every stage where Santhanam speaks would surely speak a word of praise about Simbu.

As the same Santhanam is close to Dhanush, as he has acted in some of the films of Dhanush. Both the film industry and the general public always compare Simbu and Dhanush in their acting and Box Office. As the same war of verbal exchange in social media keeps.happening between Simbu fans and Dhanush fans. This is well know to both these celebrities. Just to make.the fans of the both, Simbu and Dhanush use to pose together for photographs to make everyone understand that they both are friends and there is nothing to say as any difference of opinion between them.

Santhanam has now joi ned un this game and he had made the plan of calling Dhanush to launch the audio of his movie ‘Sakka Poodu Poodu Raja’ in which Simbu has scored the music. Considering the invite of Santhanam, Dhanush has consented to.laumch the audio of the movie.

The audio launch happened on 6th December in Kalaivanar Arangam at Chennai.

Few days ago Michael Rayappan, producer of Simbu’s recent movie AAA had met the media complaining about the difficulties he had faced during the production of the movie AAA. He had also added that Simbu had failed to honour his commitment to do the sequel of the same movie AAA. This issue caught up as a fire in Kollywood and is said that the Tamil Film Producers Council had issued a Red Card stating that there would be non-cooperation with Simbu and the Producers should not make movie with Simbu. Though this actor Red Card in business in illegal, it is said to be carried out still in this industry.

Simbu while addressing the audience in during the audio launch, firstly accepted that it was because of his irresponsibility there had been some problem in completing the movie AAA. He also.added that the issue could have been sorted out either during the shoot or immediately after the release of that movie. But the issue has raised nearly after six months after the release of the movie and warned that it was someone behind Michael Rayappan who was pestering him to speak about Simbu. It is clearly understood that Simbu was meaning Actor Vishal, President of Tamil Film Producers Council was the person behind Michael Rayappan pestering him to speak about Simbu. He indirectly warmed Vishal that if any sort of Red Card is been issued against him, he would not mind acting in other language films, but would satisfy his fans with his profession of acting in any language. He directly warned that he would tolerate the Red Card being issued in his profession, but not on his services rendered to his fans and the general public. If anyone indulges in disrupting his services to his fans of the public, he would not spare them.

Fans crowded in the hall kept whistling, clapping and shouting in support of Simbu during he delivering the speech on the dias.

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