Vijay Sethupathi starring Seethakaathi Movie Review


Seethakaathi has been directed by Balaji Tharaneetharan who has earlier directed Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom. Vijay Sethupathi plays the role of a stage play artiste and a director. His stage plays which had huge response among the audience gets reduce due to the theatrical developers which has transformed to film. Full house stage plays of Vijay Sethupathi later continues with two digit audiences.

In the meantime a film director who happens to watch the stage play gets attracted to the character played by Rajkumar and approaches Mouli the producer of the stage play and requests Rajkumar to be sent to act in his new film. Rajkumar starts acting in movies. Ayya who was never interested to act in movies, later plays characters in few movies.

Suddenly Ayya disappears and what happens further is the remaining part of the movie.

Balaji Tharanitharan, the director of the movie has to be really appreciated for initiating to make a movie depicting the livelihood of stage play artistes. Vijay Sethupathi ‘s acting performance as Aurangzeb is said to be extraordinary, where he keeps conversing with his opposite character for more than 7 minutes in a single shot scene.

The talent of the artistes and the sound engineers has to be really appreciated, since the movie had a live recording of all the conversations in the movie without making any post-dubbing in this movie. Mouli who acts in very few movies in the recent years, still proves that he is a talented actor with his usual sympathy sentiment expression which he always delivers. Rajkumar, Bagavathi and others have done justice in their acting. Sunil brother of actor Vaibhav has debuted as an actor in this movie and keeps entertaining the audience. Ramya Nambeesan, Parvathi Nair and Gayathri’s appearance in very few scenes disappoint audience.

Govind Vasanth’s music travel along with the movie, especially the stage play scenes. Saraskanth has done the cinematography of the movie and Govindaraj has done the editing of the movie. Balaji Tharaneetharan has contributed his efforts on making a risky script with a potential output. His directorial touch has been tailored well to make the audience watch with anticipation for the next scenes.

Seethakaathi produced by Sudhan Sundaram, Umesh.G, Jayaram and Arun Vaidyanathan on behalf of Passion Studios is scheduled to be released on 20th December.

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