Arjun Das performance and Santhakumar’s presentation keeps the audience engaged – Rasavathi Review

Rasavathi is a 2024 film directed by Santhakumar, produced by DNA Mechanic Company which portrays Arjun Das, Tanya Ravichandran, Reshma Venkatesh and Sujith Sankar in prominant roles. Rishkanth, Ramya and GM Sundar play supportive roles.

The movie revolves around Arjun Das, the protagonist who works as a Siddha doctor in Kodaikanal. Tanya Ravichandran, the female lead plays the role of a manager of a private restaurant in the same city. They meet each other. Subsequent meetings blooms love between the two. Things go awry when Sujith Sankar, a newly appointed inspector, who grew up witnessing his parents’ fights comes to town. Sujith gets infuriated by seeing Arjun Das and Tanya Ravichandran making love. He plans to somehow take revenge on Arjun Das. The reason behind his vengeance is shown in the second half of the film. What is the rival between Arjun Das and Sujith Sankar makes up the rest of the story.

Santhakumar known for his previous blockbusters such as Magamuni and Mounaguru has created yeat another masterpiece with Rasavathi. Arjun Das must be appreciated for his impressive acting skills. Tanya Ravichandran has mesmerized the viewers with her visuals and voice. Reshma Venkatesh who is seen to be the other female lead beside Tanya has done a stunning performance despite being her debut movie. Sujith Kumar scared the heck out of the audiences with his look, the body language and his attitude. The cinematography and Thaman’s background music was a huge plus point to the film. The first had a bit of lag which could have been avoided. Overall, the film was worth watching.

Rating – 3.75/5.

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