Yesteryears Movies vs Recent Days Movies

Tamil Cinema, also referred as Kollywood, is a segment of the film industry based in the Tamil language. There were good old days where the movies had a good story line, some life lessons and were not a bad influence. But nowadays, most of the films portray usage of drug substances, swearing, utter usage of foul language against parents and immeasurably more. It is most regrettable that leading and frontline actors of today’s era portray scenes influencing drug usages, utter usage of foul language, body shaming and more worse scenes in their movies to just attract teens and tweens to cover them as their fans.

Looking back with nostalgia, there were movies with good humor, but nowadays body shaming and dual meaning dialogues are picturised as jokes. Time was when, there used to be realism in movies and stories were given importance, but these days even though there are no proper story values, the star cast invites a large audience.

In the movies of yesteryears, music was said to be pleasing and soothing to our ears, but now music is filled with banging sounds causing too much irritation. We also need to accept that there are still few music directors who give ear soothing music.

Those days technology was simple, stories and scripts were good, but nowadays even though there are better technologies coming up day-by-day, the value and content of the stories have come down. There are still some directors who create masterpieces and are always being appreciated.

Many movies with good social messages and entertainment values keep coming and do not reach the audience properly and fail at the box office. The reason for such failures is due to lack of promotional activities. Especially small producers out of much difficulties do complete their movies spending a single digit crores number of rupees to produce a movie, where they fail to spend another ten to twenty lakhs of rupees for advertisement promotions in print, television and digital media platforms.

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