Azeem & Vikraman go against each other once again in this viral video shared by Vijay TV!

Bigg Boss, the blockbuster show in Tamil television space, completed its sixth season last month. The controversial contestant, Azeem emerged as the title winner and Vikraman became the runner-up. There’s a cold war going on between Azeem and Vikraman even after the show’s over.

Meanwhile, Vijay TV usually hosts a special show ‘Bigg Boss Kondattam’ after the season gets over. The channel dropped the new promo of BB Kondattam in which Azeem and Vikraman are being at the necks of each other again. In the video, every contestant was asked to answer a question they were given.

When Vikraman was asked who is the gossip person in the Bigg Boss house, he instantly answers that Azeem is the gossip guy. Azeem responded by saying, “It is funny that the person who points me out has speculated over a thousand gossips in the house.” This video has caused a stir among online Bigg Boss fans again and it is going viral now.

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