…Uncle Boney Kapoor! says Udhay Karthik

The event celebrating the release of the trailer of the Tamil Film ‘Dinosaurs’ took place recently. The film is produced by Galaxy Pictures’ Srinivas Sambandam and Directed by M R Madhavan.

Udhay Karthik, Rishi Rithvik, Sai Priya Deva, Srrini, D Maneksha, Kavin Jaybabu, Director Ramana, Janaki Suresh, Yamini Chander and T N Arun Balaji have played prominent roles.

Producer Raahul’s Romeo Pictures is releasing this Movie all over Tamilnadu.

Film celebrities, the press revisers circle, and others participated in this function of the release of the trailer of ‘Dinosaurs (DieNoSirs)’ celebrated grandly.

Following are the excerpts of the cast and crew of the film:

Producer Srinivas Sambandam said, My gratitude to all those who have come here to participate in this function as per our invitations! Generally, when a new team produces a movie, doubt would be lurking as to what genre of movie they will produce. However, I observe that the public has great confidence in our effort.

The director of this movie was introduced by Director H. Vinodh. This director has immense skill. We have produced this movie with a lot of hurdles at every stage of production. You will appreciate the quality of this movie as you see it.  We are delighted to see several veterans of the Tamil Film Industry attending this function. Please support us by watching this movie.

Actor Srrini said, I know Director Madhavan right from 2015. Did I enquire him about the title of the movie – Dinosaurs – why this? He replied – one may be born as a fly – but while dying, it should die as a dinosaur! Then, 1000 people would be required to lift the body. Today, in sathyam theatre, our film’s trailer is being released in front of 1000 people, for which i feel so grateful and happy. We have produced this movie despite great difficulties in the period of the raging coronavirus pandemic. This will be a very important film for the cast and crew who worked in the film. We have been waiting for past 4 years to bring the film. I am confident you all will like this movie. Thanks.

Actor Arun Balaji said, I have shared 12 years of friendship with Madhavan and he narrated me the story in 2011 itself, and it’s great to see his kind gesture of offering the role he promised to me now. The film has come out very well. I request you all to support this film. Thank you.”

Attu Movie Fame Actor Rishi Rithvik said, I acted in another North Madras movie after Attu and it was a good experience. My gratitude to the producer and the director for offering me a role in this movie. Actor Udhay Karthik will have a great future after this movie. I request your best support for all of us!

Actress Sai Priya Deva said, Director Madhavan has done a great job here in this movie as he related the film story to me. Each performer has contributed his/her best to this movie. This whole-hearted effort from the production team will bring success. Please share your love with all! Thanks!

Actor Udhay Karthik, the protagonist said, First of all, let me thank my Uncle Boney Kapoor. He has been extraordinarily successful in producing and releasing 3 movies during this raging coronavirus pandemic period!  He has several tasks to perform. My gratitude to him for his effort to be here for this function despite his hectic schedule. Hi! Director Mysskin! I am your ardent fan! I have been watching your movies right from ‘Anjadhey’ till the recent one and I have been admiring you. Actor Arun Vijay has sculpted himself as an actor just like many Hollywood Actors! My gratitude to Director Ramana. My special thanks to all the press reporters and media reporters for attending this function. I feel proud on this occasion. My utmost gratitude to Rahul Sir of Romeo Pictures. I am confident that this movie will fulfill your expectations.

Director M R Madhavan said, Cineworld tends to kick everyone. However, we have to forcibly stick to it. The success of this movie means more for the 100 workers in the production of the movie than my wish for its success.  This movie proposal was discussed with several heroes. However, the movie hero Karthik has fitted perfectly well. I have come here due to the efforts of my friends. Producer Srinivas is like a father to me. He arranged for everything I asked for. I will not forget him in my lifetime. I have approached 143 producers. However, Srinivas Sir only gave me this opportunity. Director H Vinoth only took me to the producer Srinivas Sir. My thanks to Director H Vinoth for this. Here in this movie, Karthik has performed like the megastars Ajith and Vijay. He has worked day and night for this movie. Director Ramana is a simple person. His simplicity stuns me! I thought only a Tamil-speaking actress should be the heroine of this movie. – As such, the heroine has performed excellently well. Srrini’s act will also be talked about and appreciated. The cinematographer took over half of my work and did it. The music director of this movie Bobo Sasii has strained himself to get good results. The music is excellent! I had taken efforts for a long time to work with Director Mysskin Sir. However, it did not materialize. However, my thanks to him for attending this function. This movie will certainly be a good entertainment item. I have not an art movie – but I have done this as legwork. You will all like it. My thanks to all!

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