Aliens 2042 ready to hit the screens!

James Cameron, known for creating masterpieces such as Avatar, Titanic, The Terminator and so on directed Aliens (1986), which is still rated as one of the best science fictions ever! Several other sequels have also been released in the years of which Aliens (1986) tops the list. Drawing the concept of aliens’ attack on humans, this Aliens 2042 is scheduled to release worldwide on May 26th 2023. In India, it is said to be released by Release by 777 Pictures in English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Hindi.

Aliens launch a major attack on all the big cities of the world in the hunt to steal the water resources found on Mother Earth. All other military forces having been defeated, the only hope left is the Chinese Army which too gets defeated! One of the survivors is an enthusiastic youth Cheng Ling who goes head over heels for Gao Ren. In the quest to pursue his love for his beloved, Cheng is now forced to take up another major life-risking responsibility to save the lives of the
human race from the life-threatening risks posed by the aliens!

The film portrays Ren Tianye, Zhang Zhilu, Qu Niciren in the significant roles and a few others in supporting roles. Cinematography is handled Qiu HangXu wheras the stunt choreography is carried out by Shi Zhanbiaa. This anticipated fantasy is directed by Huang Zhuasheng and the Visual Effect Director is Du Keyan.

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