Madras Dech Entertainment is producing a new film as its first venture

Madras Dech Entertainment is producing a new film as its first venture. Based on a true story, the screenplay has recorded the life of marginalized people in a very realistic manner. It also contains comments against superstitions.

Lakshmi Menon is playing the female lead in this movie starring Aari. The film has an ensemble cast starring ‘Mime’ Gopi, Vaiyapuri, ‘Black’ Pandi, ‘Jailer’ Dhanraj, Shirley Babithra, Kanimozhi and others.

Vairamuthu has penned the songs in the music of a new composer. Chembur K. Jayaraj and Rajasekara Pandian have written the Dialogues.

Kevin Richard is the editor of the film and the art director is Suresh Kalleri, with Subika as the costume designer. Karthik Nallamuthu is the cinematographer and debut director Rajasekara Pandian is writing the story and directing the screenplay.

The first schedule of the untitled film, which is produced by Arunachalam Anantharaman on behalf of Madras Dech Entertainment, started in Madurai last week and is going on in full swing. Meanwhile, actor Aari’s birthday was celebrated on the set yesterday. He cut the ‘cake’ prepared organically and shared it with everyone. Speaking then, he said, “We choose good names for children, teach them to wear good clothes, and introduce them to good schools; it is the parents who introduce all these to children, and we also fail to introduce them to good food. When we consume ‘cake’ made of artificial pigments, it paves the way for cancer. We should provide them with natural food like this ‘cake’ which is prepared in an organic way,” he appealed. Producer Arunachalam Anantharaman, Executive Producer Suriya Prakash, Director Rajasekhara Pandian, Cinematographer Karthik Nallamuthu, Art Director Suresh Kalleri, Actors Lakshmi Menon, Shirley Babithra, Kanimozhi, ‘Black’ Pandi and others were present on the set.

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