Producers of Oru Nodi present a car to Director Mani Varman

Director P. Manivarman’s film “Oru Nodi” features Thamankumar, M.S. Bhaskar, Vela Ramamurthy, Pal. Karuppaiya, Sri Ranjani, and Kajiraj. The cinematography is handled by K.G. Ratheesh and the music is scored by Sanjay Manickam.

“Oru Nodi”, a Taut and Gripping Crime-Thriller, released last week is acclaimed by critics and audiences across the state is drawing more crowds to the theaters. The film starring Taman Kumar in the lead role, is directed by Mani Varman, and is produced by Madurai Azhagar Movies and White Lamp Pictures with was presented and released by Producer-Distributor G Dhananjeyan.

Marking the grand reception to the film, the producers Madurai Azhagar Movies and White Lamp Pictures J.K. Ratheesh have gifted a car to director Mani Varman for creating a masterpiece. Producer G. Dhananjeyan was also present and wished Mani Varman for giving a gem of a film.

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