Mission – Chapter 1 Movie Review

Arun Vijay is a widower where he lives with his girl child. Arun Vijay who had been a Jailer resigns to personal reasons. Arun Vijay’s daughter Iyal undergoes a serious medical treatment in Coimbatore and later Arun Vijay takes her to London for advanced treatment.

Arun Vijay while travelling in a train at London gets held up in a scuffle with some goons and lands in a Prison. Iyal who is undergoing treatment at a Private Hospital in London doesn’t know about her father being imprisoned. Nimisha Sajayan who is a nursing staff at the same hospital takes care of Iyal due to the absence of Arun Vijay.

The prison where Arun Vijay has been lodged is being attacked by a team of terrorists and taken control by them. Amy Jackson who is the Jailer of the Prison tries to fight against the terrorists and fails to resist them. Arun Vijay later understands who the terrorists are and joins hands with Amy Jackson to nab the terrorists.

The climax would reveal the flashback of Arun Vijay and who the terrorists are. What happens to the prisoners, the prison authorities, terrorists and is Iyal safely undergoing her medical treatment is the remaining part of the story.

Director Vijay has put his efforts on executing the script of A.Mahadev by keeping the audience enjoying the flavour of an action movie and a father-daughter bonding. Writer Mahadev could have fine tuned the script a little better. Cinematography in dark lighting environments have been welly cinematographed by Sandeep.K.Vijay. A decent music scoring has been carried out by G.V.Prakash and Editing has been done crispy by Antony. Stunt Silva’s stunt choreography has been the backbone of the movie.

Arun Vijay has once again proved that he is a good action hero, while Amy Jackson has transformed into an action queen where she has performed extra-ordinary. Bharath Bopanna who is new to Kollywood, Nimisha Sajayan, Abi Hassan, Baby Iyal and others have done justice to their work.

Mission – Chapter 1 can be watched and will not disappoint action movie lovers.

Review Rating: 4/5

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