DaDa Review

Kavin of ‘Saravanan Meenatchi’ and ‘Bigg Boss’ fame found success on the big screen with the pure horror ‘Lift’ and this time he has come up with a family friendly film that deals with relationships. Whether ‘DADA’ will catapult the star in the making’s career remains to be seen.

Manikandan (Kavin) a careless and irresponsible youth and Sindhu (Aparna Das) who is the pole opposite of him are lovers. The film opens when Sindhu declares she is pregnant and Mani’s first reaction is to abort. She refuses and forces him to find a house for them. However situations force them to go to the police and both the parents disown them. The couple get married with the help of a friend who also allows them to live in his luxurious villa. Mani, finds a menial job but situations force them out of the villa to a small house in the slums. Sindhu tries her best to adapt to the situation while the immature Mani often gives in to temptations of alcohol and wayward friendships. In one of their fights when the pregnancy is full he angrily asks her to die and a heartbroken Sindhu becomes ill and is rushed to the hospital. Mani who in his anger switches off his mobile learns of her hospitalization late and when he reaches Sindhu had abandoned their boy baby and attempts to find her fail. The entire responsibility of bringing up the child falls on Mani, who himself is just a man child. The rest of the screenplay is how he transforms into a good father. By a twist of fate Sindhu unexpectedly reenters the father-son’s lives and what happens next is what ‘DADA’ is all about.

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